Stuck up? Flaxseed to the rescue!

๐ŸŒWhen possible, we prefer to use “natural” remedies. What better remedy is there than healthy food?

t’s common for young children to have trouble going to the bathroom. I constantly hear that kids are being put on oral laxative medicines that have not been studied for long term use. That’s not comforting to me.

๐ŸŒThat medication was recommended to us, so I wanted to try something natural instead.

๐ŸŒI introduced Flaxseed meal into breakfast every morning, and what a difference it made! Here, it’s mixed with bananas, and there are some bran flakes on the side for an extra “push” ๐Ÿ˜….

Make sure the kids drink 6-8oz of water to get things flowing.

โคBONUS: Flaxseed has heart healthy Omega- 3sโค

๐Ÿ We also use pears for this purpose.


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